Atlantice Rock

Electric Guitars

Ibanez Iron Label RG7

Body: Basswood
Neck: 3-piece maple/bubinga. Nitro Wizard-7
Fretboard: Rosewood
Scale: 27.5
Nut width: 1 7/8”
Pickups: EMG 707 in neck and bridge
Bridge: Gibraltar Standard II
Strings: Ernie Ball Super Slinky Cobalt 7

Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer

Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer.

Body: KorinaNeck:

Set neck with slim taper “D” neck profile
Fretboard: Rosewood
Scale:  24.75”Nut width:  1 11/16”
Neck pickup: DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary
Bridge pickup: DiMarzio Air Norton
Bridge: Stopbar tailpiece
Strings: Ernie Ball Cobalt Not Even Slinky 12-56

Saga Telecaster (Homemade)

Body: Basswood
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Maple
Scale: 25.5”
Nut Width: 1 11/16”
Pickups: DiMarzio Twang Kings
Strings: Dean Markley Blue Steel
Custom paint job courtesy of C.C. Cain’s Woodshop in Menominee, Wisconsin.

Fender Road Worn Telecaster

Body: Spruce – Paulownia – Spruce
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Maple
Scale: 25.5″
Nut width: 1.650″
Neck Pickup: Fender Custom Shop “Twisted” Single-Coil
Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan La Brea
Ernie Ball Cobalt Regular Slinky 10-46

ESP LTD B-206SM 6-string bass


Body: Ash with spalted maple top
Neck: Maple – Walnut
Fretboard: Rosewood
Scale: 35″ scale
Nut width: 54mm
Pickups: ESP SB-6
Strings: Ernie Ball 6-String Long Scale Slinky Bass .032-130

Acoustic Guitars

Fender Standard Telecoustic


Laminated Spruce top sheet and fiberglass back and sides. “C”- shaped neck profile. Rosewood fretboard. 1.69” nut width. Fishman Isys III pickup and pre-amp. Fender Dura-Tone 880L strings.



 …that’s the only thing truly known about this guitar. It was the first guitar Joel owned (bought from Rachel Davis). Wood burnt band names, charred from igniting lighter fluid on top sheet, scuffed up with a pocket knife. Two one-gallon blood doner pins. 4 .22 bird-shot bullet holes. Now you’ve seen at least one guitar that’s been shot at.

Guitar Accessories

Vox Valvetronics Tonelab ST

Vox Valvetronix Tonelab ST. With a 12AX7 triode vacuum tube for warm, rich tones.

With a 12AX7 triode vacuum tube for warm, rich tones. 33 amplifier models able to be mixed with 11 cabinet models, offering 363 different combinations. Aside from the amps and cabs, there are an additional 25 effects to choose from. Some effects include a high-quality acoustic setting to turn any clean electric guitar sound into an acoustic by pressing a button. Along with a built-in tuner, the expression pedal can be assigned to nearly any effect parameter for real-time control.

 Marshall MG 100 HDFX

Marshall MG 100 HDFX

100-watt head with FDD (Frequency Dependent Dampening) Marshall MG-412CF cabinet. 120-watt, 8 ohm impedance capacity. Built with 4 4×12 custom voiced Marshall/Celestion speakers